Video of the Week – Ice Cream Boy

By now, YouTube has become the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google, and all of us at some point check in to see what videos are up about a certain event, news report or trend. A lot of the videos we watch are of poor quality but we don’t mind, we do not have high expectations for the videos we watch…however, a lot of the best videos online, who receive the highest views and most subscriptions are those who are done properly and you can tell a lot of time and effort goes into making these videos.

This week I want to look at one that maybe some of you haven’t seen yet and it’s a very poor quality video but it evokes a warming feeling. The video is of a young disabled boy who is in a wheelchair and we are told that his dad decided to help him dress up for Halloween. The dad incorporates the boys’ wheelchair into the design and creates an ice cream truck with music chimes. The little boy even has an adorable outfit on.

What’s great about this video is the simplicity to it but also the heart-warming story of a dad going out his way to make his son happy. The video quality is not the best but it’s not the video quality that people want to watch. I am unsure if this video is the original upload, but already the views are stacking up with it reaching over 3,000 likes overnight.

From a videographer’s side, to make this video better would have been to get close up shots of the little boy’s excited and happy face. This would show the viewer just how happy the costume makes him feel, and it would have been good to get plenty of angles around the costume. We can see that a lot of time and effort has gone in to making it, why not showcase the detail.

Let us know your feelings on this video and if you know of any great videos that you think should be our video of the week then send us the link in the comment section below.



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