Video of the Week – Elevator Pranks

This week’s video is actually in 2 parts. You will have no doubt seen or heard about the elevator prank videos that are circulating the web and have racked up nearly 50 million views between them.

The videos are, from what I gather, a reality show in Brazil, and unsuspecting lift users arrive into reception, and are guided into the lift fitted with secret cameras. In the first video, visitors are made to feel as it they are going up in the lift and then once they reach the sixth floor the lift suddenly stops, and the lights start to flicker. Then there is a blackout and the night vision cameras switch on and we see the visitor starting to panic a little. We then see a little girl who has been dressed up to look like a horror character, with a doll in her hand, and gets into position by standing still in a spot. The lights come on and the reactions from the lift users are hysterical. This horrifying prank catches out everyone who enters the elevator, and causes a lot more than just screams.

In the second prank video from the same show, the same elevator is used, but this time, a group of men are carrying a coffin into the lift and leave it unattended to fetch a reef. On their return, the lift begins to close with the coffin and visitor inside. Already, the lift’s users are freaked out by the thought of a dead body being in the same confide space as them. Again, the lift simulates going up and then stops on the sixth floor, the visitor is trying to push the buttons to make it continue, and then all of a sudden, a body falls halfway out the coffin, dangling away. This video evokes another series of priceless reactions, with more tears, screams and flapping arms.

Both of these videos must have been terrifying to be part of, although I feel the dead body one would be worse. But, which one do you think was either the funniest or the scariest to be apart of? Tweet us your response or comment below, and if you have seen any scary or funny pranks tweet us the videos @capturemediatv



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