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A lot of people may feel that once you have paid to get a video and the finished product is popped onto a video-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo that the hits will come instantaneously, but they would be wrong. Getting a video is only half the job, and I want to explain simple ways of getting your video out there. You need to be clear that you have a decent understanding of social media platforms and can easily get your video out there. The more hits you get, the more likely your brand will become recognisable.

First of all, share it on your Facebook page. But not only yours, get your friends and family to share it. Now with Facebook, you do not need to be taken away to another page when watching videos so it allows for more views and easier accessibility. You never know who will be watching the videos. The next stage is, assuming you have Twitter and already a steady following, is to share the video on this. You only have 140 characters to entice people to watch it so work on what you will put. This allows for more people to retweet your video and get a better circulation around the net. Get all friends, again, on Twitter to share the video, retweet the video and drive traffic to your site.

A key thing to mention is that you should share the video as many times as possible. Do not bombard your Twitter feed with the same thing, but look to share the video once or even twice a day for a couple of weeks, but each time changing the wording slightly. Doing this will allow different followers to see your video. This should help drive up the views of your video.

One thing we have begun to produce is a mail out with all our contacts on it and sending them links to your videos letting them keep up to date with what we are doing, plus allow them to watch the current video. Timing is key to this though. There is no point sending a mail out first thing on a Monday morning, as people will not be interested in your video, likewise, do not send it last thing in the day. We have found that a good time to send your mail out and get a response is around lunchtime, and more specifically, on a Friday lunchtime has proved significant. So, if this is an option for you then send out a mail out with the video. Possibly do this once or twice, as you will begin to aggravate the recipient.

Moving forward with this, there are other platforms that you can accumulate more views, that might be worth you using. Pinterest allows users to upload YouTube videos. There are also some relatively unknown ones such as Break and Metacafe, but I would strongly suggest you use YouTube at least.

So now your video is live, you are sharing it on your platforms, getting your friends to share it, all you need to do is just give it time to gradually build up the views. Do not fret if the views do not go up quickly at the start, they will eventually go up and you should start to see some benefits from it.



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