Harlem Shaking All The Way To The Thrift Shop

It seems like it has taken no time at all to forget about Gangnam Stlye in 2013. A new song has taken Britain by storm about buying hand-me-down clothes, whilst a bizarre dance craze has overtaken YouTube.

First of all, we start with ‘Thrift Shop’, the latest song to come from over the seas and take over our radio stations, music channels and ipods. The catchy song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, has soon become the hit song of the year, reaching the number one spot in the UK. But, what is it about the song that makes it so appealing?
We, as a nation, love a song about nonsense, as Gangnam Style proved, and ‘Thrift Shop’ is a bizarre song about wearing clothes from a charity shop and wearing them out, then making fun of people who spend ridiculous amounts on designer clothing.

Moreover, with a quirky song, there undoubtedly has to be a quirky video, and this song prevails. With it’s whacky clothing, strange dance moves and a bright orange suit, this has got to be a key factor into why this song has become a huge success on YouTube. The video has accumulated over 110 millions hits, but it was only at less than 40 million several weeks ago. I think it is safe to say, we will never see another phenomenon like Gangnam Style in terms of YouTube views, so we cannot compare the impressive views Psy got with Thrift Shop.

More and more people are beginning to hear about the Harlem Shake, a bizarre trend that is taking over YouTube and has colleges, universities, football teams and arenas playing out the craze. The best way to describe the Harlem Shake is to watch the videos below. I don’t know why it has caught on, but it is huge, and is racking up the views in their millions. Everybody is trying to produce a video with more people in it, or bizarre interactions in the video. One video I saw involved a guy wearing a pimp suit, pouring a pint of milk over himself.

So, we are only in February and already we have the biggest Internet trend. How long before this becomes boring? Time will only tell. I look forward to seeing what other bizarre and ridiculous videos surface over the next few weeks.


What do you think of the Harlem Shake? Do you know someone who has been involved in the craze? Let us know your thoughts.



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