Capturing a Photo Call on Video

Working along side a PR firm has its perks. This week I was able to get up close and personal with a DeLorean car – the vintage vehicle drove to fame as the iconic time machine from the ‘Back to the Future’ movies.

Holyrood PR – tasked by their newest client Maison Bleue restaurant – set up a quirky photo call to promote the food establishments latest venture.

The restaurant were going ‘back to the future’ to help celebrate its 15th year anniversary. Diners will be treated to lunch time deals at 1998 prices – the year the restaurant first opened.

To highlight this, Holyrood PR searched the country looking for a DeLorean car. They secured the car, and arranged for it to be at the location on the day of the photo call.

Arriving on location, there was this magnificent machine surrounded by tourists who had caughten on to what car this was.

My job was to create a short video to highlight the quirky photo call arranged by Holyrood PR.

Owner, Jonathan Hickey (www.jhickeycarpentry,com), was more that accommodating with his expensive toy. I was able to get all the required shots including opening up the engine – which is situated at the back of the car – and getting shots of the engine with its DeLorean branding on it.

One great feature of the car – which I thought was only trademarked to the car in the movie – was the gull wing doors. Unlike modern cars, which swing open and shut, the DeLorean’s doors open upwards, much like the doors on a Lamborghini.

After getting all the relevant shots it was back to the editing suite. With an addition of some rather jazzy music to make it more lively and quick cuts, the video came to life.

Another prime example of why getting a video can help bolster your business.

By simply putting together this short video, Holyrood PR are now able to showcase this photo call to current and potential clients.

If you have a quirky photo call and want a short video put together highlighting the great work you are doing, then get in touch via





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