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Unless you are a already a big Twitter fan, you may not have come across Vine, the service which lets users share six second long videos via Tweets.

It’s been a massive hit on the social network, first of all among iPhone users and more recently when it was made available to those who prefer Android phones.


Vine was the first sign that video sharing is going to be huge, by which I mean truly, mind-bogglingly massive.

However the next big step has now been taken, with Instagram rollling out a similar video sharing service to the 100 million people who already swarm to the popular service to show off theirphoto photographs.

The picture-sharing giant keeps growing in popularity, with a whole host of celebs allowing fans into their private lives as well as businesses using it as a powerful marketing tool.

Now, with the move into video, this could affect the ambitions of Vine – though the demand for video sharing suggests to me that there will be plenty of room for both of these services to be successful.

Where Vine only allows for up to 7 seconds of video footage, which means a lot of clever planning and timing is needed, Instagram – which was bought by Facebook in 2012 for a cool $1 billion – allows for up to 15 seconds of footage.

This might be a bit too long, but it does allow businesses to utilise it more and get their product of message out there. It is no longer than many television adverts.

What Instagram offers to its users is not only a longer recording time, but the chance to put a filter effect on top of their videos – in much the same way as users can add simple effects to their photos..

One issue that has been brought up is that if your device is on silent when you are filming, your video will not record sound. Also, if you are recording any audio, if you plug in headphones that have a mic attached, it will act as a microphone.

So far, I have seen a few people I follow on Instagram begin to use the video function.

With it’s partnership with Facebook, I’m sure it will be no time at all before Instagram videos are all over our timelines.

In a world already comfortable with YouTube, video keeps evolving. There is no doubt at all it is a vital tool for ambitious and forward-thinking businesses to communicate with both staff and customers

Soon it may be every bit as vital as the written word. Ar you ready for the change? If you want help or advice with business video, get in touch –, 0131 561 2231.



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