Working With The Edinburgh Collection

We have been working with the Edinburgh Collection hotel group for over 2 years.

Together, we have been producing showcase pieces for each of their hotels. Each video is hosted on their YouTube as a means to showcase the fantastic facilities they offer.

For this project, I was asked to produce a short video that showcased all 4 hotels – The Howard, Channings Hotel, The Old Waverly hotel and Holyrood apartHotel.  We had already captured all necessary footage from past projects, so it was a case of putting together a short script and recording a voice over. Once this had been completed, it became painting by numbers. Follow what the script said and place the relevant shots on top.

One thing I always say to clients and interns is to always get more footage than needed. You never know when you will need to call upon it. It can also work as stock footage for showreel pieces or for short videos that need certain shots.

If you have the opportunity to get some footage that you think you won’t get a chance to film too easy, go for it.  The client trusts you, and unless it is really out their way, they will let you get the footage you need.


Once the footage had been sorted, it was now time to add the final touches, and in this case, the music.  Throughout the other videos, I was asked to keep it in the Scottish theme, so we have been layering the video with Scottish/Celtic music tracks.

This has proved to be quite difficult, as the stereotypical Scottish track blasts drums and bagpipes and can be slightly intrusive to the video.  Luckily, after searching the web, I managed to find a package of Scottish tracks that were all subtle in their own way, but each unique.

I added the track to the video, which fitted perfectly, and sent it off to the client. I always find it rewarding when a client comes back and it happy with the finished product and has no changes to make to it.  The video was then uploaded to their YouTube channel and sent it the same day.

You can find out more about the Edinburgh Collection and the videos we have produced by checking out their YouTube channel



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