Shooting a still image time lapse

I always enjoy trying out new things when I have a free minute. With the weather being so nice over the last couple of weeks, I thought I would go out and try and collect a few time lapses using the stills camera and a wide angled lens.

My first location was up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

From this high vantage point, I am able to capture Scottish Parliament, Dynamic Earth and Holyrood Palace. It also allows me to incorporate fast moving cars – as the road and roundabout surrounding those locations are always busy. I found a flat spot where I could perch my tripod, framed the shot and then set the camera to take a photograph every 10 seconds. I left the camera to capture the shots for around 10/15 minutes. I took over 200 pictures.

I then uploaded those pictures into final cut, and changed the duration of the clip to 00:00:01. After a quick render the time lapse was almost there. I converted the file into a movie file, then re-uploaded that file into a new sequence.

I played around with the colours and then decided to add a little pan onto it. I stretched the clip so it was slightly bigger, and framed it to the left. I then used motion to move it to the right hand side for the duration of the clip. This created a quick pan movement.

The next location was down Portobello Beach, where I wanted to quickly get a feel for how busy the beach was during the heat wave.

Again, I set my tripod, framed the shot, but this time I changed the duration of interval timing to 1 second, unlike the 10 seconds for Arthur’s Seat.

I only captured for around 5 minutes, but collected enough images to put together a short burst time lapse. I followed the same process as before and played around with the colour once again.

In this video, I opted to lower the saturation, and give it an older look. I again applied the pan technique and really like how it turned out.

With these time lapses completed, I can now move on to bigger tasks and try to capture day into night or vice versa.

If you know of a great location that would be ideal for a time lapse, just leave a comment below.



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