Video of the Week – Portrait of a Photographer

Portrait of a Photographer – by Logan Kelsey.

This is a great short profile film of Marty Knapp – a black and white landscape photographer. Marty has been taking outstanding pictures for 25 years.

In the video, Marty talks about his very first camera given to him by his granddad, and then the first camera he ever purchased. He explains how he invested all his money into buying various lenses, film paper or any other photography equipment – anything to help improve the quality of his pictures.

What I find great about this video is that it portrays his passion for photography very well. His answers, the way he details the beauty of black and white photography, you truly feel he loves what he does. Marty talks about the textures of photos and the lines, and this was something that I never truly appreciated in black and white photography – until now.

The video has a great narrative to it, and like all good short videos online, it does not exceed 5 minutes, so the audience are enticed to watch the whole video. mk1

As someone who appreciates good photography, this video was great for me to watch, and to take inspiration from. I only hope that other watch this and feel the same.

The quality of the video is also stunning. The simple shots of landscapes or waves crashing against the rocks helped to emphasise Marty’s passion for landscape photography.

According to the description the video was shot using a RED Scarlet-X camera.  I have not had the pleasure to come across these cameras yet, I do hope one day I can.

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