Making Marching Bands Cool?

Recently I’ve seen a lot of activity on YouTube from The Ohio State University Marching Band.

The band has been putting on half time shows during the Ohio State Universities football games that, I think, are worthy of the Superbowl.

What amazes me is the perfection in timing and how they manage to keep me, and millions of others, watching for an entire performance.

By simply uploading to their performances onto YouTube, and allowing the world to share their work, they are getting worldwide recognition.

They use a static camera in the stands to film the entire performance. The sound isn’t the best but it is clear enough, and the camera is just a simple video camera. However, it’s the performance that makes the viewing, and they are maximising it’s potential but sharing it with the world – and deservedly getting the rewards with over 7 million views on one video as I write.

Normally, marching bands are not something I would search for on YouTube, but after watching one or two of their performances, I find myself wanting to watch more.

If you watch this video, the band put together a rendition of Michael Jackson hits. However, it’s not just the music that’s the fascinating factor, it’s their movements and how they bring it to life.

One of my favourite things about this clip is when Michael Jackson begins to moonwalk and the crowd goes wild.

You watch in awe of the performance, and appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making this half time show.

Another more recent video that caught my eye was this one of Hollywood blockbusters. The band have used the theme tunes from classic Hollywood films and put their spin on them.

The band put on another dazzling display from Superman flying in the sky with his cape to a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a band member.

They make the audience anticipate what character  are going to be created and from the reactions, you can tell they exceed all expectations.

Through their YouTube fame, the Ohio State University Marching Band will become a huge hit if they can keep up and improve their performances.

They could even attract bigger crowds to the games purely to watch their half time shows.

I look forward to watching more videos from them.

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