Miley Cryus Gets Mashed

She is fast becoming the most talked about person in 2013.

With her antics at the VMAs this year, to her bizarre and controversial videos, everyone has been talking about Miley Cyrus at some point.Miley-Cyrus-2224429.png

There’s for one for sure in this day and age – if you’re popular, people will make parody/spoof/mash up videos of your work.

This has certainly become the case of Miley.

Since here recent bust up with Sinead O’Connor, and given the similarities to one of their videos, Miley’s Wrecking Ball video and Sinead’s Nothing Compares To You, one very clever YouTuber has comprised a mash up video.

Weirdly, it works really well and gives a different approach to the song.

However, there’s another mash up video come out, but this time giving the song a more upbeat tempo.

Miley’s song Wrecking Ball  has again been mashed up with Mumford and Son’s Little Lion Man to give the aptly named Little Wrecking Ball.

I think this video is fantastic. It works great with the song and completely changes the composition of the original track.

These videos are more about the mash up of the music track rather than the good video work, but, it further emphasises the importance of keeping up to date with latest online trends.

Obviously a business doesn’t have the time to recreate a music video, but if there is something hot in the news or on social media and you have the time to get on top of it, do it.

National Poetry Day has just passed, so as a business, create a short quirky poem about your industry. You never know how it will do unless you try it.

It could be good for boosting your website views, YouTube views, social media likes and follows or just getting your brand out there.

However, one thing to bear in mind is not to rush it. People are very quick to judge your work on line, and with platforms like Twitter, you could receive backlash.

There are so many Miley parodies online, what’s your favourite?

How is your business keeping up to date and getting in front of audiences?

Just let us know.



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