Don’t Be Scared To Get In Front of The Camera

There is a big difference between speaking to a crowd of people and speaking to a camera.

You would naturally think that speaking to an audience would be more intimidating – but you’d be wrong.

Live speaking allows for little stumbles. You can stutter on a word, you can take a longer pause, and you can even mispronounce something and get away with it.

Unfortunately, video doesn’t allow for any mishaps. You are the sole voice we are hearing and mishaps are a lot more noticeable on video.01 Stormtrooper

However, don’t let this put you off. As the old cliché goes, practice makes perfect.

Once you get over that initial fear, you will grow to be comfortable in front of the camera.

If you are the face of the company, be the face of the video. Or if it is a section of the business, be the face of the section.

ESPC are one of my clients who do this well. This video is to help people with selling their properties and what tips they would give you.

The face of the video is the very person you would deal with when you went into the showroom.

This will give familiarity to all customers.

CreativeThinking3One key thing to remember is to think creatively. Don’t just read your script or autocue. You need to add personality and even a little bit of movement whilst you speak.

Someone who is rigid and stiff will come across that way, and the video, which may be full of interesting content, will lose all its appeal.

Think of interesting ways to make your video stand out and have more to it than someone just sitting talking to a camera.

We will always sit with our clients and listen to their ideas and tell them how we feel we can make that happen and what shots will work.

Once you get those initial videos up and running, get feedback from friends and family members on how they interpret the video.

Having a fresh pair of eyes watching your video will help, and they could be your targeted market, so their opinions are priceless.

So, don’t be afraid to get yourself in front of the camera. You can lead by example too. If you show confidence and how easy it can be, your staff may follow.

Then all you need to do is start putting regular content up and sharing it.



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