Holidays Are Coming

It’s that time of year again when all the big corporations pay millions of pounds on Christmas marketing – and don’t we just love it.

Each year I look forward to the ever-popular Coca Cola Christmas advert that has the trucks driving through the snow, whilst the song ‘ Holidays are coming’ plays in the background.

This is one of my favourite Christmas adverts, and it’s a classic. Coca Cola need never change that for several years, as it has become almost tradition for it to be shown.

However, there is another player in the fight for best Christmas advert, and one who a lot of people eagerly anticipate each year. John Lewis has been producing high-end production adverts for the past several years – with each one getting better and better.

This year’s advert is entitled, The Bear and The Hare. It’s a sweet tale of a hare trying to make sure his bear friend does not miss Christmas. The advert evokes tears and joy. I know of a few people who are shed a little tear whilst watching it.

This advert cost John Lewis a staggering £7 million to produce, and has the theme tune being sung by Lily Allen – adding to the already impressive production.

What I like about their adverts is that it’s about Christmas and not plugging their products…although isn’t that the point of television adverts?

Does John Lewis have enough of a reputable name that people know what they sell and what they get, so this allows them to focus more on making a great advert?

Another contender for the 2013 Christmas advert crown is Mark and Spencers, who released their Alice in Wonderland/ Wizard of Oz themed advert.

Where John Lewis focused more on telling a heart warming story, M&S has focused on telling a festive tale, whilst plugging loads of their products on two good looking models.

I like the advert, and I even like the cameo appearance from Helena Bonham Carter. After watching it, it still didn’t leave me the same feeling that John Lewis’ advert did.

But I did manage to see their Christmas range, which is probably what M&S were going for.

The final contender for the title of Christmas Advert 2013 is a newcomer and that is Cadbury. Cadbury have never produced a Christmas advert, and decided to compete with the other companies.

Their advert ‘Unwrap Joy’ has a town covered is purple wrapping paper and has the local kids running out their houses unwrapping it all. It ends with two boys knocking over a snowman and hundreds of Cadbury chocolate bars explode out of it.

Again, this advert is a nice Christmas advert but it doesn’t make me want to talk about it and share it on my social media platforms.

So in my opinion, out of John Lewis, Marks and Spencers and Cadbury, the title for Christmas advert 2013 goes to John Lewis.

Who do you think has the better advert and why? Let us know in the comment below.



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