2014: The year we made Dramatic Changes in January

Diets, contrasting haircuts, new jobs, new friends. All typical things to expect in January from everyone.

2011: your best friend announces they’re engaged. 2012: You’re sister decides to move out. 2013: You’re lucky enough to get a new job.

2014: Everything happens at once to everyone. Everyone has been drawn from a star-crossed lottery and it looks like everyone has been picked. Star prizes and booby prizes alike.

Change is a string-ball of emotions; tangled together with no sign of the end of the string compacted at the core.

At Capture Media, we welcome and mourn change, much the same as everyone receives it this time of year. For instance, Capture will be losing its sole videographer that most clients will have worked with over the past three years. The office will be sharing fond “good lucks” as one of their friends takes on new challenges elsewhere. It can be a sad and scary time for all. Especially since the office has decided to bring in someone new to take the reins.

What will the new guy be like? Will he be funny? Rubbish? How do his cups of tea taste?

Clients will be thinking, “Oh no. Maybe our videos will not look as good”. “Oh no. I have to explain my story all over again”. “He won’t understand what we need in out video”.

There may be someone else in the proverbial driving seat, but Capture Media’s ideals, innovation and interests have not changed.

We still want to be making high-grade online videos with the more enthusiasm and motivation than ever; we want to hear your story and capture it on video in a way that is visually interesting and exciting, so your clients, potential consumers and staff can get behind and continue sharing.


We want you to get in touch with us, no matter what your video needs may be.



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