Tackling Edinburgh Internet “Not-Spot”

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If you are a business that operates within the city centre of Edinburgh, you will find a severe latency in internet speeds. For a business, not only is this damaging to existing customers, but also prevents the chance to expand with all the high tech features the internet is offering, such as Video and internet calls.

In a series of videos, Capture Media TV tells the story of how communications company Commsworld took on the challenge of healing an Edinburgh City Centre internet ‘Black Hole’.

Thousands of businesses in Edinburgh city centre are to be offered a solution to an ‘internet black hole’ problem that is crippling their efforts to trade successfully in the digital age.

The centre of Edinburgh – the hub of much of the capital’s key financial services and legal sector – is a notorious problem area dubbed a “Not Spot”.

However, experts from Commsworld, which has its HQ in Edinburgh, have announced they will “unbundle” the local exchange network from BT this month, allowing businesses in the area to access an affordable, business-only internet connection with guaranteed speeds.



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